Monday, January 31, 2011

Cheating and it is starting to feel good!

Hello all! I promise I am still here just haven't been posty lately. I have been working on some hookey goodies but as the title hints to I have been cheating also. I am sorry dear precious hooks of mine but I have been cheating on you with (whispers) Knitting Needles. I have wanted to learn how to Knit for some time and have tried to knit a few times but never could get the hang of it. Well thanks to YouTube I am learning. So far I have knitted a poncho for an American Girl Doll.

This is a little Granny Stripe Blankey I made for an American Girl doll. It matches Caroline's Granny Square Afghan. It is for her doll but I have a picture of Maranda with it. I don't know why.

The next picture is of my Seester and her new Husband. They got married this past week. Congratulations Misty and Kevin,  I want to wish you a lifetime of Love and Happiness together. Love Ya'll!!

And this is me (in red) and my Seester after the ceremony. We have been the bestest of friends for almost 20 years now. We met while we were in High School and I dated her brother. That didn't last but our friendship has stood the tests of time. Whenever we are out shopping together it never fails that some stranger asks us if we are sisters. We just tell everyone "Yes but we have different Mom's and Dad's." Most of the time we get "Well ya'll look so much alike, I knew you were sisters." OK!

Note to self: NEVER get glasses that tint in the sun again, and DIET starts today!!

So what else has been going on around here.........
Caroline had H1N1 (swine flu) last week and we were all put on Tamiflu. I kept Maranda out of school Thursday and Friday just in case. One minute Caroline would be literally bouncing off the walls and furniture, the next laying out on the floor. She is starting to feel better finally.
I took my car in this last week to be repaired and the mechanic called 5 minutes ago to let me know it needs a new gas tank. It's only going to cost $668.00. Only!  Ha!  I guess it could be worse.
I snuck out to Hobby Lobby today. Walked out with $56.00 worth of yarn and plans for a new Granny Square Afghan. This one will be mine. I got the idea from an afghan on Flickr. Here it is. I love Cottage45's use of color in this one, and her other ones.

Well I guess that's got us caught up for now. Got to go deliver a disc of wedding pictures and go play with the two Boston Terriers Misty inherited with the marriage. I love Boston Terriers, I got one a couple of years ago for my girls. Abbie Grace was a special dog, and by special I mean she had some issues. I seriously think she was the result of imbreeding. She ran out the door one morning while we were leaving for school and ran right into the road. You can piece the picture together from there. I miss her so much and would love to have another B T soon.
Maranda giving Abbie Grace lovin'.
Miss Abbie Grace. Don't you just love that little face!

Hope all of you have a great night. TTYS!


Charlotte said...

Hello neighbor! So glad we 'bumped' into each other! Thanks for visiting my blog. Now we are 'seesters' in blogland!

glor said...

Oh, what are you knitting (whispering that back to you) ... every so often I get out the needles and try something and it goes ok, (very simple stitches) but if I drop a stitch I end up taking is all apart as I don't know how to fix it. I'm much faster in crocheting but would love to knit quickly as well, don't know if that will ever happen. Congrats to your seester!

Tracie said...

Well I finished the poncho, and have started about 4 scarfs. I keep dropping stitches and ripping the whole thing out. I cant figure out how to just go back to the missed stitch and fix it from there. I am working on a afghan now, crochet. I need to put some pics up of it. Will do that in a few minutes.

- said...

Looks like the doll blanket is a hit! Great photos of you and your seester.

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