Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On to the next

I am feeling so accomplished these days. I got the blue and brown stripes finished and have started another afghan in the same pattern. These rows work so fast.

I love how the setting sunlight glows on the edge of the blanket in this picture.

I waited to late, again, to take the pictures but wanted to get them taken so I can wrap this up and take it to my cousin. I missed the baby shower this weekend, I was helping my Brother and Sister-in-Law move to the new house they have bought.

This is the next afghan I have started, frogged, and started again. I am making this one for my Aunt Donna and Uncle Kim's Christmas present. She asked me to make an afghan in Autumn colors about a year ago and I think I got them about right. 

The first attempt started with a chain of 210 and ended up being about a foot and a half taller than me. My Uncle is a tall man and would have still been way to long for him. My Aunt is just over 5 feet tall and I was scared she would tangle up and suffocate in all that. So I ripped it all out and restarted with a chain of 189, it is still long but better. I am doing a row of sc, granny stripe, sc in each color then changing to the next color. It really works fast and may just be my go to pattern when I need something done quick.

Now it's time to brag a little. I have lived in South Carolina my entire life, never would I want to live anywhere else. I am a Carolina Girl through and through. I tell everyone I was raised on three basic beliefs:
1. God
2. Family
3. South Carolina Gamecocks.

Last night the Gamecocks baseball team won the College World Series! This is the second year in a row they have won and I am so proud! Way to go Boys! Now its time to get ready for some Gamecock Football! I love College Football, could care less about Pro Football though, even with the Carolina Panthers less than a hour from me.

I hope you all are having a great week. We are getting ready for the 4th and all the parades, cookouts, and fireworks that go along with it. We have a small community near where I live that has a parade every year on the 4th and anything can be in it as long as it is decorated with American Flags. It is fun to see just what people come up with. My girls ride in it with my Aunt Ann and Uncle Phillip. She is on the four wheeler, he is on his Motorcycle and each take one of my girls. They love it!

Whatever plans you may have, have fun, stay cool, and be careful. Hope to see you here soon with pictures of all the fun, festivities, and fireworks.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

New baby blanket in the works

This is the start of a new baby blanket I am making for my cousin Jennifer's first baby.
Braxton is due to make his appearance in August.

I have been looking for a pattern I liked and could not find one. I know she has many patterns in the nursery, baby blue and brown diamonds, stripes, and paisley with circles. I started making diamonds and sewing them together but was just not happy with them. I decided to do a granny stripe but added single crochet in between the color changes.

Here's how I did it:
Started with a chain of 120.

SC for 3 rows.
Granny stripe for 6 rows.
SC for 3 rows. Change color.

SC for 3 rows.
Granny stripe for 3 rows.
SC for 3 row. Change color.


I will finish the other end in the baby blue I started with, with the 3 rows of SC, 6 rows of Granny stripe and 3 rows of SC.
I love how it is turning out, and of course I am using I Love This Yarn! The colors are #70 Soft Blue and #160 Brown.

I have been looking at these hooks for a while now and finally gave in a got a couple of them. I got a H hook and a G hook. Oh My! You would not believe the difference these hooks have made with my hands. I can crochet longer without my hands getting achy. I have been doing some Amigurumi lately for my Pre-K class and a G hook makes my hand hurt after using it a long time. Not now! I will be going back and getting all sizes in these.

Look what my child came running up with last weekend. A little Mockingbird fell out of its nest and of course she found it. This child will pick up any kind of bug, insect, and animal. I have found Granddaddy Long Legs, Lady Bugs, Lightening Bugs (fireflies to people who are not from the south! :-}), and most recently 2 bull frogs and a tree frog in the house recently.

She ran inside and got a bowl for it, and was even digging in the yard looking for worms to feed it. Ugly little thing ain't it! I made her put it back and we have been watching out for it making sure the Mama bird is feeding it.


What could be better after a long afternoon playing outside than a nice slice of cold watermelon? We spent pretty much all afternoon outside playing so they were sweaty, sticky, dirty, and very happy! 

I have been listening to a few rumbles of thunder while typing this up, so its time to grab a cup of coffee and head to the porch to watch a storm blow in. I love thunderstorms, and can always be caught on the porch during one with my camera ready to try to catch a photo of lightening. Crazy? Yeah I know but I love it so much. Hope your having a great weekend where you are.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Making Uglee Cute.

Well, summer has definatly hit here finally. Today was a nice balmy 98 degrees, with humidity that curled my hair, and brought out the Ozone warnings. Ever heard the expression "Cutting the tension with a knife"? In South Carolina the past few days you can cut the air with a knife, only if you have one of those big butcher ones that has been super sharpened. My four year old was laying on the couch complaining last night that she was "Hot as a sinner!" Out of the mouths of babes.

We are still lucky around here that we have avoided any major storms with tornados. It is unbelievable how much damage to lives and towns that tornados have done this year. There is something we can do though to help out the little ones affected by such tragedy. Ugleedolls4kids is asking for our crafty help. Go here to see what it is all about. I have one 80% finished and am planning on making many more. I will post pictures when I get a few finished. As a Mother and Pre-K Teacher,my heart goes out to the kids who have lost everything. I am honored that I can use my talents to bring a little sunshine back to their life, won't you help too. Please? Come on, I said please. :-)