Friday, November 26, 2010

Marandas Afghan

 This is my oldest daughter Maranda. She is 5 years old.
I decided to make both of my daughters afghans and they could pick the colors they wanted. This is what she chose.

I knew she would pick aquamarine, its her favorite color. She chose two shades of it and the yellow. I added in the off white and she wanted the red. Looking at them all stacked in the shopping cart all I could think about was that red was never going to look right. Even one of the employees at Hobby Lobby turned her nose up when I asked her what she thought of the colors.  She insisted, no matter how many shades of pink I tried to get her to pick instead. Well what do you know, I like it in the Granny Stripe. It looks vintage to me.

Then I made the mistake of showing her a flower hexagon picture from Flickr. Now she has to have one like that. I liked it too and thought it looked more girlie. So here is the progress so far. Last night I ran out of the background aqua and knew a trip to the Lobby was in the near future.
While everyone else was elbowing their way through Black Friday sales I was feeling up yarn at the Lobby! Its a weakness and their should be a support group for it!! Ha!
I love the way this is turning out. I am thinking 3 "flowers" across and maybe 5 down will be large enough.
I am proud of myself! This was the first time I have ever came out of Hobby Lobby spending less than $50.00! I only got 5 skeins of I Love This Yarn, a couple packs of buttons (that will go on newsboy hats for the girls), and a embroidery hoop. 
I do think I will continue to work on the Granny Stripe because I do like how it looks. I am just putting it aside for now.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, I hope you all have a day full of the things you are so grateful for!

I hope you all enjoy the fruits of the season!

And as you are making new memories today,
may memories of the past keep and comfort you!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Little Boy Blue


This little fellow is Thomas. He is my cousin Heather's newest addition to the family!
There have been three new additions to my family this year, and all within one week of each other. I am so very glad I didn't drink the water at the last family reunion! God knows I would have loved to have a house full of kids, and would have been thrilled with a little boy, but I am thankful for the two little girls I was blessed with!
This is the blanket I decided to make for Thomas. It is a Leisure Arts pattern from leaflet #460. It is more commonly referred to as the NEVER ENDING blanket from Hell! A friend of mine was crocheting one from the same pattern at the same time and it seemed neither one of us would ever finish.
I like how it turned out, and so did the Mommy.
I am still not sure about the white near the edge, but wasn't going to buy another skein just for that little bit.

We are in a recession after all!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Fall Ya'll!!

A friend that I work with asked me if I would make an afghan for her 1 year old niece for Christmas. Well of course I would! I tried about 3 different patterns and just wasn't "feeling" any of them.  Then  along came Pammy Sue with her Good & Plenty afghan, so I tried it. I really like the look of it and just love how fast it works.
I followed the pattern from Pammy Sue, but decided to have the stripes going vertically instead of horizontally.
I think it turned out all cutesy and girly! Stephanie loves it and said she may keep it for herself.
I told her if she would be nice and give it to her niece like planned I would make her one for a wedding present in different colors.
I didn't use the same edging she did. I single crocheted 2 rows of pink all around, one sc row of white, and two sc rows of purple. Then I added a ruffled edge from The Garden Bells Dark Side of the Moon afghan. If you get a chance check out both of these ladies sites, and They both have beautiful crochet items, recipes, and Pammy Sue's dogs are just adorable.
I love this time of year! The trees around here have finally started putting on a show. Just one week ago this tree in my side yard was still green, and look how beautiful it is today.

I love the colors of this season.

Happy Fall Ya'll!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What A Day!!!

Don't you just love the kind of days that are nonstop. Get up, get daughter dressed and out the door for school, get self and other daughter dressed and out the door for work. Work, work, work, get daughter from school, clean out the girls bedroom. Go to a class for work, come home, give baths, do homework, clean kitchen, and living room. Finally at 10pm I get to eat supper. Whew! Now I need a nap, but my mind is still thinking of things to do. Ugh, its going to be a long night. This is my life, I love it, and wouldn't have it any other way.
I have a few things on the hook. I am making Queen Anne's Lace scarves and chap stick holder key rings for the 7 ladies I work with. I have one completed and another halfway done. I will post pics when they are all completed. I am also making my brother and sister-in-law an event plaid afghan with their wedding date in the colors used in the wedding.
Here is the happy couple on their wedding day.

I just learned we are under a tornado watch until 4am! Say a prayer for us that this just passes over. I think its time to call it a night. Hopefully..........

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Have You Thanked A Veteran Today?

I want to take a minute to Thank all of the Veterans who served our Country so willingly and bravely. I am very proud to be the Granddaughter of two WWII veterans.

My paternal Grandfather served in the U S Navy. When asked if he remembered exactly what he was doing when he learned the war was over he would respond. "I was in the laundry of the ship when an announcement came over the speaker system that the war was over. I never saw that laundry again!" So THANK YOU Papa Bud! Even though you passed away many years ago, you will always be a Hero of mine.

My maternal Grandfather enlisted in the Army and was discharged from the Air Force. He was in Germany during the war and saw alot of action. He would tell all us Grandchildren stories of his time while in the Service. My Grandaddy had Alzheimers the past few years, and in his mind he was back in Germany during the war. Papa passed away last year in May, and I know now his war is finally over. So THANK YOU Papa Melvin, you will always be a Hero of mine.

I wish I had pictures of them uploaded to show. I will make a point to get that done, and add them when I do. I do have someone to show you.

This is my Marine. Micheal is my cousin, who after some pretty rough teenage years, decided to enlist in the United States Marine Corp. Micheal was 20 years old, had a son who was 2 years old, and worked a dead end job to provide. Micheal enlisted in the Marines in 2007. He is currently stationed at Camp Legune in North Carolina. We are thrilled that he is stationed so close to home, only 3 hours away. I am so proud of the man that he has become during his enlistment.
This is Brooke, a very proud Marine Wife. She found out she was expecting their first child about a month after Micheal left for Basic Training.

This is a very proud me with Micheal. Don't you love those watery eyes and red nose in this picture. It was a very emotional time for me to watch Micheals graduation from Basic Training.
This is my parents with Micheal. Our Grandfather, Bud, passed away 6 years before Micheal was born. My Dad has always been PaPa Gene to Micheal and his sister Nikki. This graduation was one of the few times that I have seen my Daddy cry. He is so proud of Micheal just as we are all.

So to all the Veterans of all the Armed Forces past, present, and to the future service men and women I Thank You!  I am able to live in the Land Of The Free, Because Of  YOU The Brave!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Caden's Polka Dot

 Meet one of the newest members of my family. This little cutie is Caden Jacob, he is the son of a special cousin of mine, Nikki. While growing up Nikki spent almost every weekend with me and most of her summer holiday. She feels more like a Daughter to me than a first cousin, so this little fellow feels more like my grandchild than a cousin. Ain't he just precious! 

 I wanted to make him a baby afghan and wanted it to be different than just the normal baby blue that most baby boys receive. I found this pattern on Crochet Pattern Central (the example is done in peach and white) and knew it was the one for him.
I love how bright and colorful it is. Nikki loves it, she said it was her favorite gift received at the baby shower. Well of course that made me feel good! I had a couple of requests for other ones that day also!

I had to add this photo of Caden in too. I crocheted him this little pumpkin hat for his first Halloween. The pattern is also from Crochet Pattern Central. I think he is the cutest little pumpkin in the patch!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Finally a productive weekend!

The weather has finally turned cold in my corner of the south so that can only mean one thing, time for a weekend of hookin'! I have not been out of PJ's all weekend, and it has been N I C E!!! In between laundry, cleaning, reading, and chasing my girls I have managed to complete two little projects this weekend.

The first is the beautiful Queen Anne's Lace Scarf. I got the pattern from, available as a free download. I started it on Saturday morning, worked on it off and on during the day, and finished it Sunday morning. I used a beautiful rich blue in Caron Simply Soft color Ocean. On to the next!
I came across this doily and knew instantly I had to make one! The pattern is from                        It is the Birthday Doily- November doily of the month. I had to change the last round from 8 dc in each to 5 dc and a sc in each because I was running out of thread. Luckily I had just enough to finish and am happy with the end result!

This has seemed like the longest day ever, got to love the time change! Its not quite 5:30pm right now, guess I got time to see what else I can start!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Carolines Afghan

Caroline is my sassy 3 year old daughter. On a trip to Hobby Lobby to pick out colors for a afghan to make for her this is what she chose. First off I am not a fan of the color orange, well thats putting it mildly, I absolutly DETEST the color orange! So, of course, that is the first color she went for. Luckily I was able to talk her into a peach, not as bad as orange, but still its in the family. I played around with other pastels to use with it and this is the end result. She loves it and I can live with it. This was my first Granny Square afghan and I liked how fast it worked up.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Stepping into unknown territory!

OK I am going to finally take that step or leap into the world of blogging. Lets see how this goes!