Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Fall Ya'll!!

A friend that I work with asked me if I would make an afghan for her 1 year old niece for Christmas. Well of course I would! I tried about 3 different patterns and just wasn't "feeling" any of them.  Then  along came Pammy Sue with her Good & Plenty afghan, so I tried it. I really like the look of it and just love how fast it works.
I followed the pattern from Pammy Sue, but decided to have the stripes going vertically instead of horizontally.
I think it turned out all cutesy and girly! Stephanie loves it and said she may keep it for herself.
I told her if she would be nice and give it to her niece like planned I would make her one for a wedding present in different colors.
I didn't use the same edging she did. I single crocheted 2 rows of pink all around, one sc row of white, and two sc rows of purple. Then I added a ruffled edge from The Garden Bells Dark Side of the Moon afghan. If you get a chance check out both of these ladies sites, and They both have beautiful crochet items, recipes, and Pammy Sue's dogs are just adorable.
I love this time of year! The trees around here have finally started putting on a show. Just one week ago this tree in my side yard was still green, and look how beautiful it is today.

I love the colors of this season.

Happy Fall Ya'll!!!


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Pammy Sue said...

Hi Tracie! I saw your blanket on iCrochet and thought it was pretty so followed the link. I had no idea it was the Good & Plenty pattern! How cool is that! Thanks so much for the link in your blog post. Kate (Garden Bell) will be happy to see that you linked to her also. I'll tell her to come look around. I'm Following you now. I'll give you a linky too and we'll get those Follower numbers up! ;) Now I'm off to see what else you've got going on around here.

Unknown said...

Welcome to Blogland. So nice to have you join our circle of friends. Pammy-Sue sent me over here as she is always finding some fun new exciting crocheters and their wonderful ideas and project. Thanks so much for the link-ie. Very nice set up here. Hope to see you around me garden too...
Kate - The Garden Bell

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