Friday, November 26, 2010

Marandas Afghan

 This is my oldest daughter Maranda. She is 5 years old.
I decided to make both of my daughters afghans and they could pick the colors they wanted. This is what she chose.

I knew she would pick aquamarine, its her favorite color. She chose two shades of it and the yellow. I added in the off white and she wanted the red. Looking at them all stacked in the shopping cart all I could think about was that red was never going to look right. Even one of the employees at Hobby Lobby turned her nose up when I asked her what she thought of the colors.  She insisted, no matter how many shades of pink I tried to get her to pick instead. Well what do you know, I like it in the Granny Stripe. It looks vintage to me.

Then I made the mistake of showing her a flower hexagon picture from Flickr. Now she has to have one like that. I liked it too and thought it looked more girlie. So here is the progress so far. Last night I ran out of the background aqua and knew a trip to the Lobby was in the near future.
While everyone else was elbowing their way through Black Friday sales I was feeling up yarn at the Lobby! Its a weakness and their should be a support group for it!! Ha!
I love the way this is turning out. I am thinking 3 "flowers" across and maybe 5 down will be large enough.
I am proud of myself! This was the first time I have ever came out of Hobby Lobby spending less than $50.00! I only got 5 skeins of I Love This Yarn, a couple packs of buttons (that will go on newsboy hats for the girls), and a embroidery hoop. 
I do think I will continue to work on the Granny Stripe because I do like how it looks. I am just putting it aside for now.


- said...

I think that cutie Maranda picked out just the right colors and they turned out just as she imagined they would. The hex is beautiful too!

glor said...

Maranda's afghan is beautiful! The girl can pick colors! Very pretty on the hexagon too. Nice work.

Pammy Sue said...

You won the tissue box cover, Tracie! Send your mailing address to my email: pammysue8(at)gmail(dot)com.


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