Thursday, November 11, 2010

Have You Thanked A Veteran Today?

I want to take a minute to Thank all of the Veterans who served our Country so willingly and bravely. I am very proud to be the Granddaughter of two WWII veterans.

My paternal Grandfather served in the U S Navy. When asked if he remembered exactly what he was doing when he learned the war was over he would respond. "I was in the laundry of the ship when an announcement came over the speaker system that the war was over. I never saw that laundry again!" So THANK YOU Papa Bud! Even though you passed away many years ago, you will always be a Hero of mine.

My maternal Grandfather enlisted in the Army and was discharged from the Air Force. He was in Germany during the war and saw alot of action. He would tell all us Grandchildren stories of his time while in the Service. My Grandaddy had Alzheimers the past few years, and in his mind he was back in Germany during the war. Papa passed away last year in May, and I know now his war is finally over. So THANK YOU Papa Melvin, you will always be a Hero of mine.

I wish I had pictures of them uploaded to show. I will make a point to get that done, and add them when I do. I do have someone to show you.

This is my Marine. Micheal is my cousin, who after some pretty rough teenage years, decided to enlist in the United States Marine Corp. Micheal was 20 years old, had a son who was 2 years old, and worked a dead end job to provide. Micheal enlisted in the Marines in 2007. He is currently stationed at Camp Legune in North Carolina. We are thrilled that he is stationed so close to home, only 3 hours away. I am so proud of the man that he has become during his enlistment.
This is Brooke, a very proud Marine Wife. She found out she was expecting their first child about a month after Micheal left for Basic Training.

This is a very proud me with Micheal. Don't you love those watery eyes and red nose in this picture. It was a very emotional time for me to watch Micheals graduation from Basic Training.
This is my parents with Micheal. Our Grandfather, Bud, passed away 6 years before Micheal was born. My Dad has always been PaPa Gene to Micheal and his sister Nikki. This graduation was one of the few times that I have seen my Daddy cry. He is so proud of Micheal just as we are all.

So to all the Veterans of all the Armed Forces past, present, and to the future service men and women I Thank You!  I am able to live in the Land Of The Free, Because Of  YOU The Brave!


glor said...

Thank you to your cousin for serving our country.
What a beautiful new baby in your family (last post) and I love the blanket.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Glor for all your comments! It's the weekend again, and I am going to peek around your blog and see if I can find another doily to start. Or I may just do another November one in a different color. ;-} Thank you again for posting such beautiful patterns!

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