Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Little Boy Blue


This little fellow is Thomas. He is my cousin Heather's newest addition to the family!
There have been three new additions to my family this year, and all within one week of each other. I am so very glad I didn't drink the water at the last family reunion! God knows I would have loved to have a house full of kids, and would have been thrilled with a little boy, but I am thankful for the two little girls I was blessed with!
This is the blanket I decided to make for Thomas. It is a Leisure Arts pattern from leaflet #460. It is more commonly referred to as the NEVER ENDING blanket from Hell! A friend of mine was crocheting one from the same pattern at the same time and it seemed neither one of us would ever finish.
I like how it turned out, and so did the Mommy.
I am still not sure about the white near the edge, but wasn't going to buy another skein just for that little bit.

We are in a recession after all!


Sharon Marie said...

It turned out very pretty. I think the white looks very nice.

- said...

Beautiful baby and the blanket is too!

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