Saturday, June 11, 2011

New baby blanket in the works

This is the start of a new baby blanket I am making for my cousin Jennifer's first baby.
Braxton is due to make his appearance in August.

I have been looking for a pattern I liked and could not find one. I know she has many patterns in the nursery, baby blue and brown diamonds, stripes, and paisley with circles. I started making diamonds and sewing them together but was just not happy with them. I decided to do a granny stripe but added single crochet in between the color changes.

Here's how I did it:
Started with a chain of 120.

SC for 3 rows.
Granny stripe for 6 rows.
SC for 3 rows. Change color.

SC for 3 rows.
Granny stripe for 3 rows.
SC for 3 row. Change color.


I will finish the other end in the baby blue I started with, with the 3 rows of SC, 6 rows of Granny stripe and 3 rows of SC.
I love how it is turning out, and of course I am using I Love This Yarn! The colors are #70 Soft Blue and #160 Brown.

I have been looking at these hooks for a while now and finally gave in a got a couple of them. I got a H hook and a G hook. Oh My! You would not believe the difference these hooks have made with my hands. I can crochet longer without my hands getting achy. I have been doing some Amigurumi lately for my Pre-K class and a G hook makes my hand hurt after using it a long time. Not now! I will be going back and getting all sizes in these.

Look what my child came running up with last weekend. A little Mockingbird fell out of its nest and of course she found it. This child will pick up any kind of bug, insect, and animal. I have found Granddaddy Long Legs, Lady Bugs, Lightening Bugs (fireflies to people who are not from the south! :-}), and most recently 2 bull frogs and a tree frog in the house recently.

She ran inside and got a bowl for it, and was even digging in the yard looking for worms to feed it. Ugly little thing ain't it! I made her put it back and we have been watching out for it making sure the Mama bird is feeding it.


What could be better after a long afternoon playing outside than a nice slice of cold watermelon? We spent pretty much all afternoon outside playing so they were sweaty, sticky, dirty, and very happy! 

I have been listening to a few rumbles of thunder while typing this up, so its time to grab a cup of coffee and head to the porch to watch a storm blow in. I love thunderstorms, and can always be caught on the porch during one with my camera ready to try to catch a photo of lightening. Crazy? Yeah I know but I love it so much. Hope your having a great weekend where you are.


Sharon Marie said...

I love those hooks too! I hope to eventually get one in all sizes. Big difference in comfort level.

crazymotheringchick said...

I like the wooden handled hooks as well. I'm also working on getting one (or heck, more than one) in every size. They're great to work with.

Your baby girl is a cutie. Encourage that compassion, it is so sweet.

Pammy Sue said...

Nice blankie! I love blue and brown together.

Jane Delcambre said...

Hi Tracie...I added you to my diary of blogs to read. I've just started and not much of a chatter, but....I get to read all my favs!Lovely baby blue/brown blankie! Very clever with the idea of sc inbetween. Gives a most professional look :')
It's ashame, but I don't think the mama bird will take care of baby bird again. Once it's touched, they won't. Don't let your daughter know. She's a little doll!... but just a little tom girl...LoL Reminds me of me :')
Have a great week!

cottage1945 said...

That's a mighty handsome blanket-I love blue and brown together.

Unknown said...

I really like the pattern you came up with for the blankie! And I was just thinking last night that I need some new hooks...

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