Saturday, January 7, 2012

Doing the Dishes....

I hate doing dishes! Point, blank, and simple. I have a dishwasher that is starting to loose its cleaning power, its probably about 12 years old. So anyone want to guess what I have been doing? Yeah, that's right, the *$#& dishes! I figured that if I had to stand and scrub that I could at least do it with a nice new dishcloth or two, or enough to fill my dishcloth drawer. These quick little projects pack some awesome scrubbing power.

This is a quick design I came up with to crochet these dishcloths and here is how I did it. They took me less than a hour to make.
Peaches & Cream
size G hook
needle to sew in ends.

chain desired width-on the red I started with a chain of 31, the multi colored I chained 26

1. sc in the second chain from the hook and each ch across

2. ch 1 and turn. Extended single crochet in each sc across

3. ch 2 and turn. HDC in stitch across.

4. ch 3 and turn. Backpost DC in the first stitch, Frontpost DC in the next. Repeat BPDC and FPDC across
    to the end.

Repeat rows 1-4 until the desired length of your dishcloth then repeat rows 1-3 for the end rows. Or if you want both ends to have a SC row repeat rows 3-1. I finished the edge with a round of reverse single crochet. Sew in ends and scrub a dub.

Hope you enjoy. Now I have to go start dinner which means more @*$& dishes to wash. Maybe tonight would be a good night for take out!



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