Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hex a Day in 2012

 I had this bright idea on New Years Day to do a Hexagon a Day through the year. It will be a way to hook a little everyday without being pushy on those days I don't really want to or don't have enough time to work on anything bigger. And if I miss a day or two its no big deal, these hexagons take just a few minutes to work up, so it will be easy to play catch up.

January the 3rd, and three completed hexagons. I have lasted three days so far, which is longer than some other bright ideas I have had. I am using Lucy from Attic 24's pattern and am doing the join as you go method.

Ok, I am about to show you something completely ridiculous and embarrassing. Don't judge me, please!

This is my yarn bin. Ugh! My face is red! I am hoping this project of mine will clear out allot of this. This bin is thigh high, as long as my couch, and at the point of overflowing. I tried organizing this complete mess this past Saturday and got aggravated and just threw it all back in.

On to a different subject, Pammy Sue is starting up a Crochet Along on a round ripple afghan. Go drop in on her blog and check out all the details. She has also started up a Flickr group so check it out also.

Well looks like I am starting out this year as a chatty Cathy. Three posts in as many days, maybe I will be so much better at this blogging thing this year.



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